Billionaires at play in the fields of the poor (six-part series)

There is a great deal of buzz about Africa’s economic awakening, with some countries experiencing double-digit growth in gross domestic product that is being driven by waves of foreign capital, as investors from Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East and also Latin America descend on the continent. Many of the investors are after natural resources, mineral and oil riches and also farmland. This raises the question: is the foreign investment benefitting the continent or is it just another scramble for Africa, the last stage of colonialism? In this series of six articles, Joan Baxter investigates how foreign investment is playing out in one small African country. It looks at the efforts made to attract investment, and then profiles five billionaire investors that have targeted the country, and ends by asking who is really benefitting from these investments.

Part 1. Sierra Leone on the silver platter? Billionaire investors, big investments and what’s in it all for Sierra Leone?

Part 2. King of Diamonds in Sierra Leone: Beny Steinmetz

Part 3. King of Iron Ore: Frank Timis

Part 4. King of Sugar and Bioenergy: Jean Claude Gandur

Part 5. King of Oil Palm: Chinnakannan Sivasankaran

Part 6. Billionaire investors and prosperity for whom?


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